RELATIONSHIPS are hard to navigate...

Couple's counseling with or without your partner can help you gain clarity and a sense of direction if you and your partner are feeling disconnected, lost or confused in the relationship.  All couples face highs and lows in their relationships, but what makes a difference is if at least one of the partners recognizes the need to be proactive and reach out for support when nothing else seems to work.   


COUPLE'S counseling may help if you AND YOUR PARTNER ARE experiencing any of the following:

  • A breakdown in communication

  • Feelings of resentment

  • Trust issues

  • Conflict

  • Questioning the relationship

  • Feeling disconnected or distant

Click on the image to listen to Maritza speak to Dr. Lydiana Garcia, host of THE BEYOND RESILIENCE LIFE Podcast, about her work with couples.


Maritza is experienced in working with couples dealing with dating issues, marital problems, considering separation or divorce, infidelity, life transitions, and family planning. She has also helped couple's struggling with finding the right balance between their relationship and the demands of parenting, career, extended family and other stressors.  



Maritza's approach to each couple's treatment is tailored to the couple's needs.  When appropriate, she uses Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) when working with couples, especially when both partners are invested in seeking out treatment. Learn more by clicking on the image...




Though 50 minute sessions are available for couples, it is highly recommended every couple consider 90 minute sessions, especially for the initial session.  Most couples report a higher level of satisfaction from attending 90 minute sessions as these can be more productive.

Intensive sessions (3-6 hours) available on the weekends for couples whose availability conflicts or those wishing to make more progress in a shorter period of time.