Emotionally Focused Therapy (aka: "EFT") is a structured approach designed to help couples unlock the meaning behind their communication or lack thereof.  Arguments, disagreements and the sense of disconnection with a partner are all informed by the way we learned to relate to another from an early age.  If most of us were to pause during an argument with our significant other and really observe our internal dialogue we would discover most of the time we say and do things that mask how we truly feel down deep inside.  For example, we may act indifferent to a partner when really we are dead scared we are not good enough for them and fear being abandoned if they were to realize this.  Thus why we put on the appearance of a hard and cold exterior, so that if they leave we can at least preserve some of our dignity, instead of risking they see us in a vulnerable state and still decide to leave.  What most of us don't realize is that our partner is probably having a similar internal experience and all they really want is to connect with us.


emotionally focused therapy is ideal for couples who:

  • Have lost touch with each other and feel disconnected
  • Have experienced infidelity, but want to repair the relationship
  • Feel like they are on the brink of divorce, but neither wants to give up without trying everything possible to save the marriage
  • Find themselves arguing about the most insignificant things because, "That's just how bad it has gotten"
  • Feel a traumatic experience of one/both partner(s) makes things harder


Maritza believes in and uses the Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapy (EFT) approach because it is well-researched and one of the most successful approaches for couples.  She is trained and pursuing certification in EFT.  To find out more you may visit: "What is EFT"  


Though 50 minute sessions are available for couples, it is highly recommended every couple consider 90 minute sessions.  Most couples report a higher level of satisfaction from attending 90 minute sessions as these can be more productive.

Intensive sessions (3-6 hours) available for couples whose availability conflicts or those wishing to make more progress in a shorter period of time.  



Recommended Books:

Links to videos that explain what's behind the EFT approach: