a balanced relationship with self is the most important of all...

MIND: Learning to observe our thoughts and listen to the conversation that goes on in our mind is important as it helps us develop insight and awareness.  Our mind ultimately influences our nervous system, since our way of thinking evokes certain emotions which inform our body's response in any given situation.


BODY: Our body needs support to manage the impact our mind has on it.  Our body is said to be the physical loudspeaker for the rest of our being.  It is a valuable resource, rich with information about the well-being and imbalance present in each of us.  The body in turn has the ability to influence the mind, as when certain medical conditions develop they affect the way we feel physically, leading to the way we feel emotionally.  If we learn to pay attention and communicate with our body, we develop the ability to create a healthy relationship between our mind and body.

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SPIRIT: It is difficult to develop a sense of purpose when spiritually we have no sense of direction.  This doesn't necessarily mean practicing religion, although religion may facilitate a structured platform and guidance for spiritual growth.  Connecting with ourselves on a spiritual level can be grounding on the mind and body levels.  We develop a sense of our relationship to nature and the rest of humanity, which results in an expansion of our ability to practice empathy with ourselves and others.  This can produce a strong sense of belonging that reinforces internal strengths and resources we already possess, rendering us more immune to ailments of the mind and body, resulting in mental and physical health and balance.


mind-body-spirit wellness counseling MAY HELP IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Excessive levels of Anxiety
  • Fear of Death
  • Existential Crisis: "What is my purpose in this world?"
  • Chronic Depression
  • Chronic Physical Pain
  • Chronic Unexplained Health Conditions
  • Difficulty feeling connected with others
  • Feel emotions intensely and this causes distress
  • Take on the emotions of others and find it difficult to shake it off
  • Difficulty in saying "No" to people or situations
  • If you identify as a "Highly Sensitive Person" (HSP)


how mind-body-spirit wellness counseling works:

  • The focus is on exploring your thoughts, emotions and body sensations and identifying ways to manage these via mindfulness practice
  • You are encouraged to openly engage in philosophical conversations about the purpose of your existence, your relationship with humanity, the world, nature, the a 100% no judgment zone
  • A safe environment for experiencing the "here and now" is intentionally created with sound, aromatherapy, relaxation music and lighting
  • Religion, faith and prayer are welcome to be part of the conversation, but not required
  • You will learn different forms of meditation and ways to connect with your body and have the opportunity to practice in-session (some sessions may take place at a nearby park or in the outdoors, these will be planned ahead)
  • Art and other creative interventions may be used when appropriate
  • You may receive suggestions and referrals to look into natural and holistic health care


Maritza has witnessed first-hand the benefits of mindfulness practices, both personally and with many of her clients and is passionate about sharing these wonderful life-changing tools.  She believes a balanced mind, body, spirit relationship is necessary for anyone who truly values their interpersonal relationships.  The relationship we have with ourselves is reflected in the relationships we form with others.  Clients wanting to integrate their religion as part of their mindfulness practice are welcome to openly discuss their preferences with Maritza.  Maritza understands that spirituality is unique for everyone and having been raised Christian she knows the internal strengths that can be developed through religious practices.  In her adult life she has expanded her spiritual practice beyond Christianity and embraces anything that promotes connection with humanity and a higher power, but mainly that enables the person to feel empowered in their human existence and gives them a sense of purpose and direction in life.


Recommended Books:

  • "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor E. Frankl

  • "When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection" by Gabor Mate, M.D.

  • "The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma" by Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

  • "Staring at the Sun: Overcoming the Terror of Death" by Irvin D. Yalom

  • "No Time Like the Present: Finding Freedom, Love, and Joy Right Where You Are" by Jack Kornfield