Individual counseling can help you gain clarity and a sense of direction if you are feeling lost or confused in relation to yourself or others.  Everyone struggles with relationships at some point, but sometimes this struggle may feel unmanageable.  We may feel lost and realize how we approach relationships may be hurting ourselves and/or those we love.  Sometimes expected and unexpected change can awaken in us the need to take inventory of our relationships since the sense of self can shift as a result.  


individual counseling may help if you are experiencing any of the following:

In representation of the Latinx Therapy Directory, Maritza participated in a segment produced by BuzzFeed's Pero Like channel where she had the opportunity to do the first counseling session with three men who never dared to seek this kind of help before, click on the video to watch!

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Anger / Resentment

  • Hopelessness

  • Lonliness

  • Loss of Self

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Grief (Loss of a Loved One, Break-up, Divorce)

  • Questioning Relationships (wondering if the time has come for you to move on from a relationship with someone who is not your intimate partner and not sure why or how to go about it)

  • Major Life Transition (Leaving Parent's Home, Marriage, Change in Career, Relocation, First-time Parent, Going Back to School, Retirement)

  • Toxic Relationships (with a partner, parent, sibling, friend, boss, co-worker)

  • Ambivalent Relationships (not sure where you stand in relation to someone and this causes you confusion about how to relate to that person)


Maritza is experienced in working with individuals dealing with dating issues, marital problems, separation, divorce and infidelity. She has also helped individuals who struggle with setting healthy boundaries in relationships with friends, other family members and in their professional relationships.

Each individual's needs vary and you can rest assured your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and level of comfort; after an initial assessment and identifying your goals you can expect treatment recommendations.  Your treatment plan will be determined on a collaborative basis and from a holistic approach.


Maritza is proud to offer specialized treatment to address other issues that go beyond the reach of traditional psychotherapy for individuals.  Learn more by clicking on the images below...