If you find yourself feeling


due to the recent mass shootings targeting the immigrant communities, the ICE raids and Family Separations at the U.S. Border which has resulted in many children being separated from their parents &/or the latest announcements about new immigration regulations…

This event might be for you!

If you are a Permanent Resident and have been thinking you want to become a Naturalized U.S. Citizen…

This event is definitely for you!




This is a two-part event that requires for you to RESERVE YOUR SPOT for each part you plan on attending…

WORKSHOP: Participants can expect to find a safe and supportive environment where they will learn tools and resources on how to cope with the negative impact of these tragic and discriminatory events.

Workshop open to everyone regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity or immigration status.

Workshop will be facilitated by a licensed mental health clinician.

ENGLISH Workshop will begin promptly at 10:00am

SPANISH Workshop will be begin promptly at 11:00pm

DRIVE: Participants will undergo a screening process to help them determine if they are eligible to apply to become U.S. Naturalized Citizens.

Those that are eligible will receive guidance on the application process and can expect to walk out with a clear understanding about the steps they need to take; applications will be available for those ready to begin filling them out.

Those that are determined to have a case with complications will be able to meet with an Immigration Attorney for a free consultation to learn more about their options and resources.

This event will be coordinated by trained volunteers and attorneys volunteering their time in service of the community.

Participants encouraged to bring 4 passport pictures & copy of your green card (front & back)