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Congratulations!  You have already taken the first step by visiting this website.  Sometimes reaching out is one of the most difficult steps in the process which is why instead of calling and leaving a message you also have the choice to schedule an appointment and wait to be called on the day and time of your selection.  Once you do so you will receive a confirmation and a reminder email.


PHONE CONSULTATION: If you believe Maritza is the therapist for you or simply want to find out more about how she can help in your situation, begin by scheduling your free initial phone consultation (15-30 minutes).  You can also call directly at (949)342-5947 (no texting is available at this number).  At this phone consultation you will have the opportunity to ask questions and make sure Maritza is indeed the right fit for you!  You will also be able to coordinate your first appointment.  Once your first appointment is scheduled you will receive an invitation email to sign-up for the Client Portal where you will be able to complete your intake forms to save time at your first appointment.