Client Portal

Now you can complete intake forms, send secure messages and schedule appointments online!  The client portal is available to new and existing clients at Mindful Quest Relationship Counseling.  

(Note: New clients will receive an invitation link via email to sign-up for the Client Portal once they have set up their first appointment.  In order to do so please click here to schedule your free 15-30 minute initial phone consultation.  Access to the client portal is deactivated upon termination or typically after 60 days since your last appointment)


send a message

Sending a message through the client portal is a more secure way to communicate with your therapist without having to worry about your email getting hacked.  The client portal is HIPPA compliant which means everything is designed to protect any confidential communication with your therapist, that is considered part of your medical record.  Simply click down below to login to your Client Portal account. 

(Messages are not intended to make up for conversations that should be taking place in session.  Feel free to send a message if you have a quick question or have something on your mind you don't want to forget to bring up at your next session.)


schedule an appointment

No more waiting for a call back or playing phone tag to schedule an appointment!  If you did not schedule your next appointment at the end of your last session or would like to schedule a few appointments in advance, it is now at your fingertips.  You may also cancel or reschedule existing appointments.  Within a few clicks, by clicking down below, you will have everything planned out!

(Once you have submitted an appointment request your therapist will confirm or decline based on availability at the time of your request.  Please note: In order to avoid having to pay for a missed appointment or late cancellation, you must cancel or reschedule at least 24 hours in advance.)



make a payment (coming soon)

If you absolutely do not want to spend a single minute of your valuable session time to pay for your session or just want the convenience of not having to worry about it, you can now pay in advance!  Once your appointment has been confirmed an invoice will be generated and available for you on your portal.  This will also be available if you are wanting to register for any groups or workshops, for which payment in advance is required.

(Payments can be made from most major credit cards and Health Spending Accounts (HSA).)