Relationships are hard, especially when you feel that no matter how much you try things are just not getting better.  Mindful Quest is here to help, whether you are currently in a relationship and SEEKING HELP WITH OR WITHOUT YOUR PARTNER, if you have experienced a recent BREAK-UP or discovered INFIDELITY or you are simply just trying to figure out why your past relationships have not worked out.  Maybe you and your partner are in a constant disagreement over PARENTING and you feel that guidance and support is needed to help you both find the middle-ground.


If you are thinking of TAKING YOUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE NEXT LEVEL, be it getting married, moving in together, having children or any other major transition that has the potential to change the dynamic in your relationship, Mindful Quest wants to support you in your relationship journey.  


Perhaps, your relationship feels like it has become unmanageable and either you or your partner are feeling DISCONNECTED or feel the other is TOO SENSITIVE and all the demands the relationship has put on you feel TOO OVERWHELMING.  Maybe one of you has been contemplating DIVORCE or SEPARATION and you are confused about the next step; counseling can help you gain some clarity and may save your relationship by helping you turn the very thing that creates distance with your partner into growth and strength for reconnection.


At Mindful Quest you can also find EXPERT SUPPORT IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED TRAUMA that has affected your past or current relationship(s).  If you or your partner have experienced sexual, verbal, emotional, physical or psychological abuse and now find that these experiences are getting in the way of your connection(s), you are not alone.  Getting to understand how past and unhealed traumas play a role in your relationship(s) can help you take the power back and bring healing!  Knowing how to support your partner can speed up the recovery!

Also, if you suspect you have an UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF, it is a valid reason to seek relationship counseling.  We can only have relationships as healthy with others as the one we have with ourselves!